No meat

Why I don’t eat meat (and will never again)

I didn’t eat any type of meat in the last 4 years or so and I’m not planning on changing that again ever in my life. Why? Let me tell you, but first let’s go a while back into my youth. My mother is a chef and since she was taught cooking a few dozen years […]

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Simple trick to get you hustling: imagine watching yourself

Ever had the feeling of laziness? That thought of „damn, I should do A or at least start B“. I’m sure you did. Maybe even today! We all have at some point. But to be successful, you need to stop being lazy and start hustling! Easier said then done – I know. Believe me. There […]

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Self publishing

Why I would self publish my next book

Thinking about finally publishing your own book? So was I. In my young 20’s I figured I should write a book. Writing was always pretty easy for me, so I hit up a large publisher in the tech space and made a contract with them for a 200 pages long book, targeting professional software engineers. […]

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Top 5 podcasts to listen to as an entrepreneur

I love to listen to podcasts! It’s an easy and usually free way to consume knowledge while driving in the car, cleaning the apartment or taking a walk. Over the years my list of podcasts grew quite a lot, but not all of them are still on it anymore. Although I’m listening to most podcasts on […]

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